Monday, March 15, 2010


I've learned something key to life. It's all about the choices. Standing in front of the pantry, I can choose to snack on processed, nutritionless junk or I can choose to eat fruit. Or cottage cheese. Or vegetables. Or hummus with whole grain crackers. Even then, the choices are there: I can grab a handful of something and eat mindlessly without knowing what I'm putting in my mouth, or I can measure my food, write it down, and take control of how I am fueling my body.

It's not easy. Sometimes I just want to crumble. It's as if I can literally feel my soul crying out for love when I make the right choices. In those instances, I have to turn to the One from whom my love comes. I have to know who I am and what He wants of me.

Apostle Steve spoke something a couple of weeks back that I received as truth in my life. It has caused me to make some changes. When Yahweh speaks something, when a direction is given as word and spirit for my life, why would he change that direction the next week? Or the next year? Or....? If the goal is not met, why would He tell me to change courses?

I've known for a long, long time that Weight Watchers is a key for me. Yet I get full of myself, or perhaps I fall off the wagon and am ashamed of what the scale says, and I leave the program self-righteously, as if it's the "right" thing for me to do because I can do it on my own. (Sure, how is that working out for me?) But is that truly Word and Spirit to me? Or is that my own free will? Yeah, it's not rocket science.

So I've repented and have gone back to the beginning. Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning and take the right path. I was able to join WW Online through Dave's work for a fraction of the yearly cost, and I am back at it. Yahweh also brought to me an amazing online group of ladies to join myself to for the journey. We weigh in on Mondays. Today, I weighed in, and I've lost 7.5 pounds so far in the 10 days I've been doing it! When it's right, it's right. And this is right. It's life to me. And I choose life. Because it IS my choice.

I'll do an update later on how homeschool is going (very, very well!), but for now, this was on my heart so I wanted to share.

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