Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Entering the Sabbath Month

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Sabbath month for our house, The Rock of Central Florida. During this month, we will not have any services. An entire month of no church activities?!?!?! Yep, that's right. Yahweh has ordered this time for us to rest our land. When we return August 1, we will offer our first-fruits. Our soil will be crazy-fertile and ready for seed. And, boy, will we plant then!!!! We have been instructed to sow no seed during this month of rest but to allow the rest to prepare us for our new place in August.

I realize it all sounds so odd. But you know what? We are called to a place that isn't like many. Truly, Yahweh has us on the move all the time. Our walk with Him is exciting and new daily! We wait to hear from him before we make decisions or change courses, and when we do, it's rightly orchestrated. By our own design, things we have accomplished would have failed miserably; Yet, by His design, we are walking in a place that far surpasses our wildest dreams. His ways truly are far greater than ours. I know this is cliche in "the church", but it's so true once you get a real grasp on it and experience it in your own life. We have such favor that we would never have known had it not been for walking in the Kingdom with Him.

I am so grateful to be a Kingdom daughter, married to a mighty Kingdom son, joined to a Kingdom house, sitting at the feet of a Kingdom Apostle in whom I can hear the voice within the voice! I will be faithful to that voice. I will be patient when I don't have clear direction. I will move when He says move. I will stop when He says stop. I will be an obedient daughter because I want to please my Father.

I am SOOOOOO excited about life!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

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